About Us - Dog By The Hob


Dog By The Hob, based in Wiltshire, was created by dog lovers to inspire dog owners to create their own delicious, all natural treats for their dogs, at home.

My story is founded upon the challenges I had in training my Springer, called Luna. A strong minded, independent but loveable little creature, more often than not she turned he nose up at the training treats I bought her. Thus, I found training her very difficult. 

Taking advice, I decided to make my own treats for her at home. The recipes I used were easy to make, all natural, crunchy and Luna loved them. I make a batch of cookies for Luna every fortnight, often adding other ingredients (sweet potato, peanut butter, carrots and cheese are firm favourites). 

There are many benefits to making your own dog treats:

Pure Ingredients for Peace of Mind: Know exactly what goes into your dog's treats with 'Dog By The Hob' kits. Featuring premium wholewheat flour from the Cotswolds, oats, seeds, and fruit, these kits let you avoid artificial additives and preservatives for healthier, homemade snacks.

Great Value and Abundance: Our kits offer an economical way to keep your dog happy, allowing you to bake over 70 nutritious cookies per kit. This translates to significant savings compared to buying pre-made snacks from the shops,

Quick and easy Baking: Spend just 30 minutes baking delightful dog cookies with our easy-to-use kits. Simply add two eggs and water, and you can even personalize the recipe with other ingredients.

Perfect Gifts for Dog Enthusiasts: 'Dog By The Hob' cookie making kits make fantastic presents for dogs and dog lovers alike. Delight friends and family with the gift of homemade, high-quality dog treats, complete with a charming bone-shaped cookie cutter.

Nutrient-Packed and Delicious: Enrich your dog’s diet with wholesome ingredients. Our kits are packed with nutritious wholewheat flour, oats, seeds, and fruit, providing essential nutrients and promoting overall health while delivering delicious taste.